Delicious & Healthy
Dog Food Toppers!

All-Natural, Calcium Supplement, Made in USA!
Our commitment to the highest quality dog products:

Human Grade - Made with all-natural, human grade ingredients

Natural Ingredients - No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

Grain Free - No corn, wheat, soy or rice

Made in USA - All ingredients are sourced and produced in USA


Why Should I Use A Dog Meal Topper?

Improve Bone Strength

Made using Calcium Carbonate to assist your dog with healthy bones, muscles, nervous system and heart health. Each ingredient we use is meant to improve your dogs health and well-being!

Attract Picky Eaters

Delicious real flavor to encourage dogs who refuse to eat. Give dogs more of what they love; all our ingredients are natural, grain-free, human grade and made in the USA.

Make Tasty Treats

Create tasty homemade treats or freeze into ice cubes for a refreshing snack. Be confident knowing our dog food topper is a safe alternative to human foods.

Why Customers Love Our Meal Topper

"The vet said Scout had a lack of calcium and recommended we try this. I can barely even put down Scout’s food because he is so excited to eat his kibble when it has this topper!"
- Kristine

"Hank lost interest in his kibble and I was struggling to get him to eat, so after trying many other remedies, I gave this a try… WOW! Hank is interested in his food again and eats the whole meal!"
- Jen

What's inside?

Roasted Peanuts

Protein rich & loaded with healthy fats and fiber.


Support eye health, immune system
and healthy coat.

Calcium Carbonate

Assists with healthier bones, muscles, nervous system and heart.

Above Sea Organic Certified Coral Calcium

Protects dental issues, reduces heart disease risk and improves brain and bone health.